Community Outreach

We also take our love and compassion out to the people in our community that either do not know about NDCP and the services we provide, or are unable to come to our facility. We call this arm of NDCP our Street Outreach Program.

Our Street Outreach Program conducts compassionate outreaches to the homeless encampments/silos building relationships and friendships with the homeless to foster trust and hope. We offer transportation back to the Compassion Access Center where they can receive the compassionate services which include hot showers, meals, hygiene bags, blankets and case management. For those who can’t come to the center at the time we give them food, hygiene bags, blankets and provide on-site case management which continues as we continue to see them at the site or at the center. They are always happy to see us and are grateful and thankful for all they receive from us, especially for the care we have for their life and well being.