NDCP Testimonials

The following are testimonials from those we have served with our compassion and steadfastness to ensure success for their lives.

Kevin Beasly. Kevin needed some help in 2022 and found his way to our center. We were able to temporarily house Kevin in a motel through our motel voucher program and then transition him into a permanent housing . We were more than glad to help Kevin, as we are all our clients, and we thank Kevin for giving his heart felt testimonial.

Hello, my name is Kevin B.

I came to the Compassion Center of New Direction Community Programs in November 2022, and I’m here to give a shout out to them for their kindness and graciousness.

At the time I came to the Compassion Center I was going through a difficult period in my life, and they were there to reach out and help me during my time of trouble – the Compassion Center went above and beyond.

It was by the grace of God that I came across New Direction Community Programs’ Compassion Center during my time of falling into homelessness. I did not have a place to stay nor any money for lodging. I was afraid I’d have to sleep on the streets and I truly did not know what to do.

It was then I remembered a flier I had been given about New Direction Community Programs’ Compassion Center and said to myself, “They’ll help me!”; and sure enough, not only did the staff welcome me with open arms but their case manager sat down with me to go over my situation. They helped me to get on GR and the Pilot Program as well as providing me temporary motel lodging until the Pilot Program approved me to move into a shared room, which I did!

With that, I want to encourage anybody that you know that needs help to reach out to New Direction Community Programs’ Compassion Center. Their doors are always open to help – if you need a breakfast, lunch or shower, have nowhere to go, stop by and see how they can help you. They do not turn their back on anyone, truly, it is a Compassion Center!

With that, everyone have a blessed day!

Nita – Nita
Rob – And how long have you been coming to NDCP?
N – For about 5 years.
R – Great, great. What was happening in your life that brought you here?
N – I needed to bring God….back. I wanted to bring God back into my life.
R – good, good.
N – And start anew from where I used to be.
R – And what helps you most in coming to NDCP?
N – Prayer and communication and helping others.
R – That’s great.
N – Touched me and changed me from the old person that I used to be to the new person that I am now.
R – That’s great.
N – And I wanted to have God to have me to say thank you to Pastor Adrian and Pastor Shirley for being a good preacher and a good teacher. And to bless them for helping other people. For the intake center that they, by bringing it to the community to help other people, to bless other people giving them a new start in their life.
R – Thank you very much.